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    Seal coating a sound pavement will cause it to have a much longer life than that of an unsealed pavement.  Even on a weak pavement, seal coating will preserve the elastic and adhesive characteristics of the asphaltic binder and seal out the water and oxidizing effects of the sun, salt, and petroleum spillage.  This coating preserves the pavement surface, and the asphaltic and aggregate layers will remain dry and in place.
    One of the most popular pavement coatings in use today is coal tar emulsion fortified with liquid latex rubber.  Coal tar is a closed  ring hydrocarbon which essentially does not oxidize when exposed to weathering or chemicals that commonly come in contact with asphalt pavements.
Superior weathering ability.
Outstanding resistance to detergents used to clean pavements subjected to heavy fuel, oil, or grease spillages.
Excellent resistance to water.
Unexcelled flexibility over a wide temperature range.
Non scuffing under normal conditions.
Readily mixed with sand where increase traction is desired.
Extends the service life of asphalt pavements.
The seal coat dries to a velvety black color.
Lends ease to cleaning and maintenance of asphalt.
Adds safety by minimizing loose stone and aggregate "roll" out.
Can be striped with water emulsion paints after film is cured.
    Coal tar emulsion sealer is intended to be used only as a protective coat and not as repair, leveling material, or wearing surface.  Sealer is only as good as the bituminous pavement to which it is applied.  It will not prevent the cracking of bituminous pavements caused be excessive voids, poor mix stability, poor compaction or low use areas.  It should be applied to durable bituminous pavements which are made with an asphalt cement having a penetration grade that meets the climate and usage requirements of the pavement in point and properly constructed over a sound and well-drained base.  Where the sealer is applied over anything less, any cracks that will occur will be magnified by the sealer's uniform velvet texture.
    Sandosky Contractors, Inc. now has the ability to seal asphalt pavements using the Coal Tar method.  Please feel free to contact our office if interested in obtaining a price for sealing your pavement.